to the intersection of art + memory

The approach is calm and intentional, attentive and client-centric. It's a slow burn that invests in you first as people, then as friends, and only finds you as clients when we smile back on it all.

I want to know you, have you know me, because when it no longer feels like photography -- when it just feels like living -- those moments when I can witness the intimacy, the playfulness, the absurdity of whatever love is for you, can be captured.

There's nothing truer than the photograph that looks like how you remember it feeling. So let's create it~

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I’m a curious sort

You'll find me:

  • whistling a day away at the Art Institute, oogling all the fashionable habitués
  • in Lincoln Square, getting sidetracked by rose brambles and sushi hankerings
  • fiddling barefoot under a tree on Cricket Hill
  • strapped to the hilt with camping gear, camera on shoulder, lost in the great north woods

I'm a little different than what you might expect, but I'm betting if you're here, you are too.

And that,

is incredibly exciting.

I graduated with a journalism degree from Northwestern, but after years of working at newspapers, coffee shops, and oddball jobs, I've settled on something I couldn't imagine not doing: getting to know you.

To me, you're a person with a lifetime of adventures, stories, failures and successes -- not just a client. If I'm lucky, I get to hear those stories, glimpse those adventures, and play my part in making sure it's all remembered.

The journalist heart revels, because in knowing you, I know a little more about the world around me~


When my wife and I first sat down with Christian Wilson he pulled out a notebook, turned to a fresh page, and simply said ‘tell me everything’. When working with him you will see that he cares about the quality of the photographs, but he also cares about the quality of your experience.

When he asks questions about your lives, he isn't just exchanging pleasantries. He is getting to know your unique personalities, and he uses that knowledge to make your photographs as natural and as you as possible. 

The quality speaks for itself. I know every time I look at these photos my heart will flutter as I remember the best day of my life. I could not recommend a single vendor from our wedding more than Christian Wilson~


Why we'd recommend Christian Wilson Photography to anyone:
1. He makes a heartfelt effort to get to know his clients. Outside of our engagement session and wedding day, Christian scheduled two in person meetings with us. By the time we were headed into the wedding day, Christian felt more like a friend than a wedding photographer. 2. He is prepared for everything! I gave Christian the reigns for scouting picture locations which he then planned to the extent of identifying perfect times/locations for optimal natural light opportunities. Christian even goes to the lengths of carrying a mini emergency kit, which came in very handy when the very thin strap of my wedding dress broke. 3. He sticks to his promises. We received our edited engagement photos in less than three calendar days and sneak peek shots of our wedding in less than 48 hours. 4. He's by far one of the nicest most genuine people you'll ever meet.


Christian was one of the best things to happen to our wedding. Not only is he kind and sweet but he took the most beautiful pictures of our wedding day perfectly capturing the happiness of the day. We didn't know much about wedding photography or even what we wanted and he was super helpful with that. He even calmed me down when I was freaking out a bit before the first look and let me change the schedule a bit. He felt more like a part of our wedding party than just a photographer. We can't thank Christian enough~





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